Das Muster „Bugles“ von Joyce Evan

In der 170. Wochenaufgabe von Laura Harms (Die Diva) sollte das Muster „Bugles“ von Joyce Evan verwendet werden. Ich habe zwei Variationen zu Papier gebracht, eine davon auf einem kreisförmigen Blatt mit dem Durchmesser von 9 cm.  





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  1. Both are DEVINE and BEAUTIFUL… love them both… not really sure which I love better… maybe the flowers… but the first one is so dynamic… anyway… both VERY NICE…. Love, Light and Peace..Bonnie

  2. You work is so clean. One can not pick a favorite between to Stars. I love your work. Beautiful.

  3. Wow! Your work is beautiful and inspiring. Just wonderful!

    Be happy,

    Jacque Solomon

  4. I love both of these, very cool effects!
    ~ joey ~

  5. well done. You really ran with this and made two very special pieces of art!

  6. Both are great, I love your creativity!

  7. Two very lovely tiles! I love the contrast in the first and the way you tangles the second with the flowers! Beautiful!

  8. Both are beautiful 🙂

  9. Wauw both are very beautiful and original done. Lovely!

  10. Wow. THESE are just OUTSTANDING! When I saw your first one I thought I LOVE this with the striping. Then I saw your flowers and fell in love. Great job!

  11. Beide sind hervorragend. Ich bin begeistert.

  12. Two awesome works – love how different bugles is used in each one.

  13. Really nice work. Crisp, clean, and beautiful!

  14. Great, so totally different tiles with the same tangle. You mastered this one… I think I love the flowers on the ball most of the 2.

  15. Thank you for using my tangle, Bugles. That was a good idea to enlarge the pattern and add the details. I like the idea of the flowers and leaves.

  16. gorgeous, fabulous shading and shine, stunning work 🙂

  17. Beautifully done both of them! Love the contrast!

  18. Beautiful, and masterfully done. The flowers are brilliant.

  19. Beides sehr toll. Mir gefällt besonders das Erste.

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